The Coralville Academy

The Moy Yat Ving Tsun Kung Fu Academy of Coralville opened its doors in April of 2008. Since its opening, regular classes have been held as well as a number of workshops put on both independently and in conjunction with the Iowa City Kung Fu Academy. In its first month of operation, the Coralville branch was honored to have Sigung Robert “Moy Yat Tung” Squatrito visit and put on a workshop, and within a year of operation the school was further honored by a workshop and visit from Grandmaster Moy Tung. We are proud to be a member of a nationwide organization of Moy Yat and Moy Tung Kung Fu Schools. The school is dedicated to bringing our students the best possible experience of training traditional Ving Tsun (pronounced “Wing Chun”) Kung Fu. Weekly classes are held for both adults and children. Interested parties may contact the school to schedule a FREE introduction. Drop-in appointments are also welcome during regularly scheduled beginner class times.

The Ving Tsun System

Ving Tsun (pronounced “Wing Chun”) Kung Fu is an ancient Chinese martial art which traces its beginnings to the Shaolin Temple through the Legend of Ving Tsun. According to the legend, a Buddhist nun named Ng Moi trained at Shaolin, where she developed a martial art based on her studies at the temple. A young woman named Yim Ving Tsun sought Ng Moi’s help in turning away the unwanted attentions of a bully who was going to force her to marry him, and became a student of Ng Moi. Using Ng Moi’s teachings, Ving Tsun was able to defeat the bully in single combat and later marry a man of her choosing. She then completed the martial arts system which now bears her name. Yim Ving Tsun and her husband, Leung Pok Toa, were the first masters of the Ving Tsun System, and since their time the system and its traditions have been preserved by generations of Kung Fu masters. Ving Tsun Kung Fu was brought into the modern world by the late Grandmaster Yip Man in Hong Kong, and then to America by Yip Man’s disciples, such as the late Grandmaster Moy Yat.

Steeped in tradition, and handed down through generations of Kung Fu masters, Ving Tsun Kung Fu continues to impress martial artists the world over with its devastating power and efficiency. Based on maintaining this high level of efficiency, as well as emphasizing relaxation and centerline theory, the Ving Tsun System has proven itself, time and again, to be a remarkably effective form of physical development and self defense as well as a beautiful and simple martial art. This concise system consists of three basic (empty-handed) forms, three advanced forms, and a series of two-person drills where a student practices his or her Kung Fu techniques directly with a training partner. In a typical class, a student may train with his or her Sifu (Teacher), Sihings (Older Students), and Sidai (Younger Students). Students will frequently have opportunities to train with students and instructors visiting from Moy Yat Ving Tsun Kung Fu schools throughout the country as well. The core of a student’s training consists of the practice and study of forms and two person drills, and physical conditioning exercises that develop and refine a student’s Kung Fu techniques. The basic two-person drills and the practice of Chi Sao enable a student to further refine the techniques taught in the forms, and to develop sensitivity and awareness of technique effectiveness through constant contact with a training partner.

What should I expect at my first class?

In martial arts training it is wise to never commit yourself to certain expectations. However, when attending a class in the Moy Yat Kung Fu Family, certain things come standard. We train the traditional Ving Tsun Kung Fu System as it was passed down to us, unaltered through the generations. This remarkably concise and effective system is comprised of a series of forms, two-person drills, and conditioning exercises. The bulk of a student’s training is carried out one-on-one in the form of two-person drills with another partner. These drills emphasize constant contact with an opponent/partner and the use of technique and relaxation in blocking and striking, making Ving Tsun an effective system of self defense regardless of a student’s size or strength, or that of an opponent. Because of this emphasis, classes tend to have a relaxed, non-competitive atmosphere and to be driven by students interacting with one another under the guidance of a Sifu or assistant instructor. While questions are likely to develop in the course of training and are indeed welcomed, students are encouraged to seek the answers to their questions not through constant dialogue with one another, but through the constant practice of Ving Tsun forms and techniques.

What should I wear to my first class?

Walk into any school in the Moy Yat Family Association, and you will see pretty much the same thing: students in uniform practicing their techniques with one another. However, our uniform is very simple. It consists of the school’s t-shirt, black “Kung Fu Pants”, and flat-soled shoes. You will be able to purchase a uniform when you enroll in classes, but for your first class, you can simply wear your own t-shirt, comfortable clothing, and workout shoes. It is always respectful to wear shoes that don’t bring dirt (and, in the winter, sand and salt) onto the workout floor.

Who can learn Kung Fu?

Quite simply, anyone can learn Kung Fu. The founding of the Ving Tsun System is attributed to two women: Ng Moi, a Buddhist nun from the Shaolin Temple, and Yim Ving Tsun, her first disciple. These women created a system that has proven itself, time and again since its inception, to be effective regardless of size and strength. People of all sizes, ages, and body types have learned Ving Tsun through the years, and it has served them well regardless of their physical differences. Our school offers classes for adults and children on various schedules. Interested parties may enjoy a FREE introductory lesson. If you have ever wondered, “Can Kung Fu really work for me?” we invite you to come in and find out.

How do I get started?

This is the easy part! You can schedule your FREE INTRODUCTORY CLASS today. You can contact us by email or phone, and set up an intro at any of our regularly scheduled Beginners’ Classes. Drop-in’s are also welcome. Enrollment is open all year round, so there’s no need to wait. Schedule your introduction to Ving Tsun Kung Fu now and start enjoying improved health, relaxation, peace of mind, and the practical self defense that you begin learning on Day One in the Moy Yat Ving Tsun Kung Fu System!

"Whenever kicking, the heels face each other."

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