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Coralville Kung Fu

The Coralville Academy

Since 2008, we have been teaching traditional Ving Tsun (pronounced “Wing Chun”) Kung Fu in the Moy Yat and Moy Tung Family of Kung Fu Schools. Kung Fu cultivates the whole person of those who practice. In addition to emphasizing skills which are both powerful and practical, students gain relaxation, health, fitness, and a wealth of mental benefits. Focus, patience, and discipline are all natural outgrowths of steady Kung Fu practice. We firmly believe that the keys to successful training are:

  • A Student’s Mindset. Come with an open mind, an “empty cup,” ready to fill yourself with new ideas and to immerse yourself in the training at hand.

  • Traditional Methods. A complete system, both for training and for fostering respect and productive relationships within the School. Ving Tsun schools are not competitive environments. Senior students lead, junior students follow, all under the guidance of a Sifu. And above all…

  • Hard Work. Kung Fu is not just a set of movements or a body of knowledge. Kung Fu is the skill one acquires through diligent practice. The School works to maintain the highest levels of opportunities and guidance. If you bring your highest level of effort, we will go far together!

Classes are primarily designed around partner practice with moments of individual instruction and group exercises. While everyone trains for their own individual reasons, each person can gain immeasurably from every training partner. The most advanced students can benefit from practice with juniors even on the new student’s first day. The goal should always be to support and challenge one another respectfully. Forms, Two-Person Drills, Conditioning Exercises, all balanced with proper rest breaks, make a two-hour class seem to fly by!

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2401 Coral Ct. Suite #4, Coralville Iowa 52241

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